B30 Challenge Week 8 Rundown


Yeah Rocky, I did it. Because you inspired me to do it. I managed to hit my weight goal from Week 5 to Week 8. All thanks to you, your music and your story.


I managed to do it. I’m under 80 kgs.

Which means the past 8 weeks, I’ve managed a net loss of 5kgs.

Not gonna lie, this has been the best news I’ve heard and received all week, despite the bushfire calamity and the increasing stress of the TET festival.

I’m on the way to being a healthier, leaner and probably faster racer.

9kgs more to remove, and I don’t think these ones will be very easy.

But still, I’m pleased with the progress. If only Week 9 will be good, but with the bushfires have placed a halt on my exercise. The air quality is just too bad to go out and exercise.

I guess I have to start seriously considering whether I want to join a gym.

Depressing as it is, if the weather and conditions continue to worsen, I can’t afford to exercise outside and get my Vitamin D anymore. Which infuriates me. Because I love working out outside and letting the natural elements help me burn more calories.

So I guess it’s either I start wearing a mask, or I join a gym.

Maybe I’ll start wearing a mask. Because screw it. If these conditions get worse over time, I want my body to be ready for the upcoming apocalypse. I want it to be water-efficient, able to deal with smog and intense heat.

It’ll be rough, but with the mask it might help enhance my respiratory system.

After all, there is a very real chance that the Great Fire that London experienced in 1666 might happen to all three major cities along the east coast of Australia.

And maybe the anarchy that I have, for so long, feared and secretly desired, might happen for a month, before the military steps in and restore order.

Terrifying thought isn’t it?

However back to the topic at hand, Week 8 was about moderation. I was carefully watching everything I ate. I stuck to smaller meals, drank more water and generally chastised myself a lot more for over-eating at certain meals.

I’m a lot more conscious of my body’s needs and its ability to function with nutrients and food. When I feel “hungry”, I drink water. When it’s time to eat, I limit the carbohydrates and eat things that are easier to covert to energy and digest.

I’ve notice a lot of things this week, with my hips/waist being slimmer and thus pants feeling a bit looser and less tight. If I suck my stomach in, it’s a lot more flattering and straight. There is less of a curve around the belly, and my arm muscles feel “tighter” in a good way.

If I can keep this mental discipline of not over-eating, no doubt I can less the exercise and continue to lose weight.

Another thing I’ve discovered is my bad habit of incorrectly using “its” and “it’s,” in these blogs of mine. I’m currently striving to correct that, so please feel free to mention the mistakes.

Another strange question that came to me, via constructive feedback was whether I really sound like how I write.

The real Damocles, when he speaks, is more or less, an oddly humorous jerk, with a penchant for English slang and humour, that is evened out by a very dark, serious and sometimes cruel streak, in which I have known to lose friends and alienated strangers over.

I can go too far one way, with my humour and teasing, to the point of actually offending someone, and sometimes I can switch on the charm, with all the ease of a sociopath.

But I don’t sound like how I write. If I did …. people would probably hire me as their ghost speech writer more.

As it is, I’ve only ever done that once.

What does come across though, is my brutal honesty and desire to be efficient. I curse a lot more when I talk, using the usual colourful vernacular like: fuck, shit, fuckwit, spoon, bastard, tosser and bugger. I sometimes even throw in an Artemis Fowl reference by saying someone is a headless stink-worm. 

And if I am feeling really up for it, I might even describe someone as a simpering, insipid whore, whose every intake of breath, is a waste of oxygen, best served fuelling a fire.

Or you, stupid, bastard. Your entire gene pool deserves an early grave and should not breed beyond you. You’re an incredible waste of space, resources, time and I hope you’re infertile, because I don’t want to encounter more of your brand of unique stupidity and imbecility.

But those are just thoughts I have for some customers in my retail job.

I don’t actually say those things aloud. Even though I very much wish so.

But yes, I curse a lot more, use simpler words, forgo greetings like “morning, hello, top of the morning to ye, etc” and other such nonsense, because if you see me, then … you already acknowledge me and as such, wasting a word to greet me, is superfluous like saying “ATM machine.”

I’m also a lot less talkative, but if duty absolutely calls for it, I can discuss things at length and tell stories in ways that can charm you.

I know all of this sounds haughty, arrogant and mightily self-serving, but confidence has always been a strength of mine and a lot of it comes from largely positive interactions I’ve had with many different types of people.

It’s hard not to be an arrogant asshole, when a lot of the world seems to tolerate and enjoy you, despite all the signs stating they should be acting in the contrary.

However, at the end of the day, I largely value silence. I don’t open my mouth if I don’t have to. I’ve gone days where my mouth has remained shut, without talking, and I’ve had to really unclench my jaw to get it working again.

After all, this is why I write. I sound, read, listen and think better when I do. Putting pen to paper is a habit, that has helped me stay sane, stay confident and ultimately atop of all the stressful elements in my life.

You don’t write this quickly and smoothly, without years of reflective writing and being attuned to the inner voice in your head.

I always encourage people to write. It’s a good habit. It’s a disk clean-up for your mind.

I’ve rambled a lot more for this week’s Rundown. But I’m just enjoying the glow of being lighter and fitter.

However, tomorrow, it’s back to the routine and the grind.

No rest for the wicked.

Apparently I must have been one of the worst scum in history, cos I don’t think I’ve taken a break in over 6 months or longer.

But as they use to say …

nil volentibus arduum … nothing is arduous for the willing.


P.S. You can read about my ramble on suicide here.

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