B30 Challenge Week 6 Rundown

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“You see this guy here? That’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face. I believe that’s true in the ring, and I think that’s true in life. Now show me something.”

If Week 5 was the worst week, in terms of commitment, Week 6 has proven to be the absolute toughest week I have ever done.

Thus it is a new type of worse.

The heat.

God, the heat.

I really suffered on Wednesday. The incredible heat seared every part of my body and I found myself gasping and struggling for air, with every pore crying out for some kind of cool-down.

I have never had to take a proper break. But I did. And I wimped out at 40 minutes.

Every minute of that Wednesday workout was agony. I wanted to give up so many times. The female announcer on my ipod nano would say “5 minutes” and honestly, it felt like I did 15 minutes of working out.

Even after I took a super cold shower, I stepped out and just felt heat radiate from every pore, as my body did its best to cool down. It was like some bizarre engine, trying to bleed out excess heat.

I guess that is the price I pay for training outside. But I am too attached to my free “outside humiliation” gym now. It hasn’t cost me a single cent, and I just use equipment that’s already available to me.

I told myself last week, that I would re-arm and re-focus and clear my evil eye.

Just wasn’t ready for that heat. Still, this week has been the most consistent, with 6 days of working out, and me covering 29.9km.

After writing this, I might just go out and run, just to hit 30km.

Skipping, Running, Walking, Push-Ups and Sit-Ups.

That’s the routine every day and admittedly, I feel like I got a lot more in the tank now.

I’m sprinting harder and faster, my skipping is flowing more and I can go on one foot or swing the rope side to side.

The intensity can be ramped up a bit more if I didn’t have such a weird busted left leg. Maybe I really did pull a muscle and its just not healing quickly enough for me.

But that’s too bad. I just got to fight through the pain and deal with it. I’m not stopping and I’m committing myself to this self-punishing asylum.

Maybe Week 8, I’ll start pushing it to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I also have to admit, that there was another reason why I went ahead and trained in the heat, despite the searing sensation I felt in my lungs later that day ….

It was to emulate both the famous desert training sequence in Creed II and the fact that I made the bold promise to be a volunteer firefighter next year (probably March).

If I can’t stand 40 degree heat …. how can I become a firefighter?

I have to get used to the shortness of breath, the insane toll, heat takes on you and the sweatiness of it all.

I have to say though, the workout the day after, in normal heat, felt so much better and I managed to push even harder.

This is what I’ve written so far, A Blocked Lyricism.

Its meant to be a strange song about Writer’s Block.

Its not very good, but it is an attempt.

I’ll keep at it. Nothing gets better without practice.

A lot of things have been weighing down my mind recently. Festival work, Boyfriend commitments, Workout commitment, Miniso work …. the whole challenge of making myself write twice a week ….

I can sense it ageing me. A lot of people comment on how tired I look.

But that’s the grind. I mean, I would like to hope that at some point, it’ll be normal for me to work out twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon.

I just got to keep going at it.

One Step at a Time. One Punch at a Time. One Round at a Time.

There’s a mantra I ended up adopting in that searing heat, when I was gasping for air and any breeze. Where everything felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t think straight.

You broken?

No sir.

Then get up.

I would whisper that call and response over and over.

Its late now (12:36am) and I should sleep. But I still got another 100 metres to run.

Better get to it.

Might as well skip for a bit too. Clear my head.

Get evil again.


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