B30 Challenge Week 5 Rundown


Lots to think about. I’ve slacked off in Week 5. Its time to reassess, re-arm and remove the mental walls. Time to get evil.

Right off the bat, I am going to say that this week has simply not been good enough.

I skipped 3 days. Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

Monday and Tuesday, I had things on and couldn’t do it. Poor excuses for missing them.

I especially despise my excuse for Saturday …. I took a nap, and by the time I woke up, it was too late to exercise.

Or maybe in my head it was too late.

Should I train at 9pm?

Maybe I should. Who cares if its dark.

Been a long week of disappointment.

And yes, the format has changed. I’m going to put less statistics, as its a bit dull, and only put the total calories and kilometres done.

23.25 kilometres

1579 calories.

It should be more than 30 kilometres.

God I’m annoyed at myself.

Speaking of being annoyed …. here is my latest written post.

Its essentially a huge rant about the situation down here in Australia.

Not happy.

It has not been a very good week overall. I’ve slacked off, ever since I hit the month mark.

You ever get that feeling that you celebrated too early and suddenly, before you realise, you’ve lost all the progress you made?

Yeah, that’s how I feel at the moment.

In other news, I am now currently halfway through my Napoleon book. Still bloody riveting, I can’t believe his rise … and now I am about to go through his fall and subsequently his resurrection.

It always surprises me how destiny simply blesses a certain figure that will rise to titantic stature due to being in the right place, at the right time, with the right skill-set and charisma.

Napoleon was lucky, skilled, innovative and admittedly an incredible forward thinker. I think the thing that made him so formidable, so inventive and so dangerous, was his ability to question everything and gather as much intelligence as he could.

There are many reports of him questioning people who knew better, just so that he could fill gaps in his knowledge. He would walk the plains where battles were held, so he could manoeuvre his troops better and would accurately feed disinformation to his enemies through false deserters.

Equally interestingly, was his suppression of the press and falsifying reports about his victories and losses. The French population would not hear about Trafalgar, one of his most famous losses, until 1814, nine years after the battle was won.

Emperor/dictators …. they get a lot done, with some loss to freedoms.

Makes me wonder if its worth it?


But then I admit I’ve always been more or less an anarchist, or a person who would rather lose some of his freedoms for an extremely clever and efficient leader.

Yeah I’m weird that way. I just don’t trust people to make the right choices when it comes to

Anyway, I digress …

This week’s workout has already for me tired. Today’s heat caused me to pause twice, and sweat excessively. I am low-key dreading the next couple of days where the heat will only get worse.

But … if Creed could do it, then I suppose I have to push through.

60 minutes has been kicking my ass though, now that I’ve also increased the intensity of my workout, with longer runs, added core exercises (sit ups and wall sits) and more advanced skipping exercises.

I’ve also decided what my ideal weight is …. anywhere below 70kgs.

Its the standard weight for all Formula 1 drivers and if its good enough for them to be the fastest people on land, then its good enough for me.

My last measurement was 82kgs.

That’s 13+ kilograms to trim down.

It definitely did not help that I am pretty sure I snacked a bit too much in Week 5.

All around, after all the positivity of the first 4 weeks, this is a set-back.

But the heat is turning up.

Its up to me to stay cool, stay focused and hungry.


~ Damocles.

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