I Hope You Burn in Hell, Scott Morrison.


Source: The Guardian

I don’t think I have ever been so angry at a complete stranger before.

Scott Morrison, the illustrious Prime Minister of Australia has shown absolutely zero leadership and empathy for the incredible natural disaster that is currently burning its way across New South Wales.

As of me writing this, 12/12/19, 1.50am, there are 118 bush and grass fires burning, with more than 70 of them yet to be contained.

That is a whopping 60% of uncontrolled, wild fire that is scorching everything in its path, and turning the entire state into a nightmare.

Whether it has to do with climate change, is neither here nor there, even though its blatantly obvious that it is.

What is of great concern to me, and what infuriates me beyond all measure is the clear failure of governance.

If we can’t rely on the government, what else is there?

I simply refuse to believe that any sane, rational being with a single iota of humanity in them, would allow this problem to go unabated and not work around the clock, 24/7 to fix it.

If I was the Prime Minister, there simply would not be any cause for smiles or parties or any other concern. I would devote every single waking moment to addressing this issue. I would lose sleep, I would break down every solution I find and apply them straight away, I would struggle and refuse to give up, until every single fire has been extinguished.

And yet, this muppet has the gall to attend a party, while an entire state that he is meant to be governing, burns to ash.

Smoke has gotten so bad, so thick, so noxious, it restricts vision and contaminate everything. It has even travelled to New Zealand for fucks sake.

You can’t see the Sydney Opera House. You choke on fumes that are 11x the level of hazardous. You drink black water that has been contaminated by ash.

Where are these leaders?

The Premier of Sydney …. opened a fucking zoo.

Scot Morrison told people to download an app to address their troubles about the smoke.

Then he had the incredible input of saying that volunteer firefighers, who have been fighting the fire for weeks now without pay, want to be there.


No one wants to be actively risking their life for weeks and weeks, in searing conditions, without pay.

The fact that he didn’t even consider compensating these brave men and women for all their sacrifices is beyond belief.

Its like I said, I don’t think I have ever been so irrationally angry at a stranger before.

I don’t know the Prime minister. I, for all reasons, should not have any issues with the man.

But by god, he has made me furious. All his insensitivity. All his callousness. His clear lack of empathy for those who have died, who are suffering and who are fighting for those who have lost everything.

God I hate him so much. Why the hell did he become our Prime Minister? This is such poor leadership, such reckless abandonment of responsibility that I refuse to accept the idea that we somehow deserve this.

No. We don’t deserve this. We need someone better.

And the worst part is that there is nothing I can do to install in a new person.

I want to burn his house down, just to see if he will feel anything. If I knew his address, by God, I would bring a match to it.

Its sickening, the lack of inaction. Its depressing, just thinking about how pathetic his leadership is.

He went to a fucking party during the biggest crisis to hit Australia in a very long time.


His inaction want me to take action. But I can’t. I can’t attack the man himself.

So all I can is attack the problem of the bushfire.

But man, if I could, I would tear him from limb to limb for his failures.

I can’t believe people died, because of his terminal stupidity.

Can you imagine that? Burning or choking to death, because of a man who refused to engage with fire-fighting services, despite all their warnings about how bad this year was going to be?

His failure to prepare meant that you lost everything. What a utter shambles.

Its disgusting to think about that.

I really want to do something. Something like this can’t happen again. We the people need to kick that stupid moron out of here. He has proven his failure to govern, has resulted in the death of people.

Anyone, and I mean anyone whose indecisiveness or inaction result in death, should be rid of.

I feel so frustrated. I want to do something to help. But what can I do?

I can’t believe that 60% of the fires that are burning right now, are uncontrollable. We have the largest professional volunteer fire-fighting service in the world.

Our fire-fighters are the stuff made of legends.

And yet even this is beyond them.

Jesus Christ.

I feel so passionately about this, because I think its sickening that Scott Morrison is still breathing, despite his failures. The guy need to be exiled and never see Australia again for his failures.

On a more personal level though, I think I need to volunteer.

I love Victoria. I love Melbourne.

I don’t want the fiery apocalypse that NSW is going through right now, happening here in Melbourne. I couldn’t stand the thought.

I can’t bear the idea of not being able to see Melbourne, to see her covered in smoke and ash. I don’t want to wear a mask everywhere I go. I don’t want to see people coughing, nor having to boil the water every time just to have a drink.

This summer, I’m going to make enquiries on how to be a volunteer fire-fighter. I need to do my part, and I’d rather be on the front-lines than sitting back and listening to any more news about how much of a shit-head our prime minister is.

I’ll choose my own hell, thanks very much.

I just hope Scott Morrison doesn’t get to pick his, and he get sent to the ninth circle of Hell, where all the bastards who fail people reside.

Scott “Fucked Up” Morrison.

Eat a bag of ash.

~ Damocles.

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