B30 Challenge Week 4 Rundown


This was and will remain the view …. every-day for the past month. My three constant companions is the Runnin (feat. A$AP Rocky), my skipping rope and my beat-up TeamMONASH water bottle. 45 mins. Soon to be 60.

Exercise Statistics:

6 workouts – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Furthest Distance – 5.43km

Run Distance – 28.77km

Time – 5 hrs

Calories – 1938

Average workout time – 50 mins

Biggest news first.

I’ve lost a confirmed 2kg in the whole month. Sitting at 82kg now.

Not bad. But I feel like there was some definite room for improvement. The biggest one being if I didn’t push myself so hard during Week 3 and thus pull both my leg muscles, I would have seen better gains.

I also need to watch my diet a lot more. Just because this is becoming routine, doesn’t mean I should start slacking off my diligence when it comes to the amount of food I eat.

Dieting is tougher than exercising.

Drink more Damocles. Drink water. Drink anything, but don’t snack.

On a more positive note …. skipping has become a slight mania for me. I’m now jumping smaller and faster, feeling more light on my feet and the rope movement is speeding up.

Its a good feeling. Now I just have to get the perfect swing side to side and I’ll start looking like some amateur boxer.

This next month or so, I will have to boost the intensity. Maybe skip for longer. Sprint a bit harder …. they say that the closer you get to your goal, the harder it is.

I have to focus and don’t let myself slip.


I ended up eating a whole bag of Trolli’s gummy worms on Wednesday, where I decided to take a day off.

Tsk. Relapse. I feel extremely guilty afterwards.

I ended up pushing myself even harder on Thursday.

Intellectual Exercise:

Maths: Has taken a hit. I haven’t solved a problem in a while, since I’ve been so busy with the TET Festival and redesigning a website. Have to maintain more discipline. Need to get back to answering those daily questions. It only takes 15 minutes damnnit.

English: Read my ramble about my addiction to speed and why it has defined almost everything I do. Need for Speed.

Reading: Thank god though, that I haven’t slipped here. I’ve taken to the habit of bringing my water bottle and Napoleon book everywhere. I have just reached one of the heights and incredible low of Napoleon’s career …. the battle for Austerlitz and Trafalgar.

Its truly amazing how much his tactical genius shone, and ushered in a whole new rulebook that would last till 1945.

I would like a better EDC (Every Day Carry) bag though. I would like to stick my SOF Tactical Tourniquet in there, as well a powerbank for my accursed Galaxy 9.

Would probably like to shop more to better improve my overall EDC ideology, but that can wait once all my crazy purchases for TET has been handled.

Speaking of the festival, observe my website? Send through any feedback.

That about sums up Week 4. The first month of the Before 30 Challenge.

Overall, I guess I am pleased with my progress.

But like all annoying perfectionists who value efficiency in all things, I can’t help feel I could have done a bit better.

You’re always 2 seconds slower than you would like to be.


Just have to apply myself even harder.




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