B30 Challenge Week 3 Rundown


Lucas Botkin & Liku in a T.Rex Arms video, showcasing why dry-firing can translate over to real practical shooting skills. Lucas has been somewhat of an inspiration for me, his factual, documentary-style tutorials, overall aesthetic of website and videos and no-bullshit attitude are refreshing in this world of stupid talk. Plus he started his own company, T.Rex Arms, a holster manufacturer, at the age of 19 and is now teaching law enforcement and military members on the finer aspect of shooting …. despite being self-taught. 

Exercise Statistics:

5 workouts – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Furthest Distance – 4.88km

Run Distance –  22.74km

Time – 4.04 hrs

Calories – 1532

Average workout time – 48 mins

I have to say, the break between last Friday’s workout and my follow-up one on Tuesday was easily the biggest morale breaker for me.

I have never felt so incredibly sluggish when starting my workout on Tuesday and to top it off, I had extended it by another 15 minutes. I somehow felt far worse than I did the previous week and I just didn’t want to do it.

By Wednesday though, I was feeling better.

However the Saturday was the roughest. I woke up early, as to not miss out my workout and on an empty stomach, did my routine.

Skip, Skip, Skip. Run, Run, Run. Push-up, Push-up, Push-up.


Throw in a squat or two. Side step instead of run. Walk if I am feeling too tired to run. I throw in a couple of draws too.

At the end of my workout, I always push myself to run to the end of the block, instead of just the small 30 metre distance I set myself.

I pushed myself so hard, I ended up pulling my calf muscle.

I gave it 110%. I know that I can’t get better if I don’t push myself. I have to push to the point of failure.

But …

That ended up with me skipping Sunday to let my leg recover.

And compromised my pace today on Monday.

Damn leg.


Not much snacking. I ended up eating all my supply on Monday and so for the whole week …. I ended up not eating anything crazy and surprisingly didn’t find any cravings. I still need to drink more water though.

Still washing my face though. Those eye-bags are still extremely prominent.

Intellectual Exercise:

Maths: OK. I remember the smaller things. Like 180 degrees in a triangle. Struggling with algebra. Which is incredibly annoying, since I used to rule algebra.

English: Here is the latest: The GAFA Child.

Reading: I am a bit disappointed with myself. I have been reading a bit less. Probably due to the insane amount of stress I’ve gone through this week, particularly in regards to the TET festival. I’ve been so worked up and concerned, I’ve almost stopped reading.

Got to get back into it. I need to learn to bring my book with me and my water bottle everywhere.

Probably should just learn to accept bags in my life to be honest. Even though I hate wearing them.

That sums up Week 3.

What a struggle it has been to get out of the three day funk. On the plus side, my skipping is getting more efficient and faster.

My stamina still needs a lot more work and how to maintain a high level of proficiency over my body at what I feel is 90%.

I want to raise that 90% effort to a high level.

Next week, Week 4 marks a whole month of this routine. I will also be measuring myself.

Am I nervous?

Damn right I am.

I hope to see some small change occur.



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