B30 Challenge Week 1 Rundown

Exercise Statistics

Height: 174cm

Weight: 84kg

BMI: 27.7 (Overweight)

Recommended weight range: 56-75.4kg 

I have been extremely slow to get my exercise regime going. I only started today, 7 days after I promised myself I would get going. A clear sign of my reluctance to exercise and mental difficulty in motivating myself to do it.

But that is the truth. I skipped today for 30 mins, mixed with running and a couple of sets of push-ups.

Burnt 110 calories. A pittance for many.

I need to engage myself more. 1/2 hour of working out is too little, and yet …. I can’t be bothered to do it.

Making this shameful report though, did force me out.


Its been a remarkable struggle. I have been drinking a lot more water as a result of trying to combat the snack pangs that my stomach have been having. It has taken me a surprising amount of willpower not to eat more and no doubt has contributed to my lack of motivation to exercise.

There are snacks at work. Snacks at Coles, Woolworths … all these temptations gnaw at me and my stomach and is arguably very difficult to control.

I bought myself the Natural Confectionary Co. 10 Mini Fruity Gems Bags in an effort to control myself. I ran out of those by Friday.

Its tougher than I thought to turn off the sugar cravings. But push through I shall

Intellectual Exercise

Maths: I am little better than a Year 8 student. Its embarrassing how much my maths skills have slipped. Algebra, division, square root …. a lot of these skills are rusty and in dire need of practice-repair. I have been working on this site Maths Buddy Online every day, from Grade 1 to 8. I have gotten more than my fair share of wrong answers.

But its slowly improving.

English: See for yourself here: Dialogue Practice 1

Reading: I have started Andrew Roberts’ Napoleon the Great and frankly its brilliant. The book is thick, hefty, with tiny script and thoroughly engaging with its wordplay and hefty anecdotes from Napoleon’s 33,000 letters.

I am only up to page 145 of 820, and no doubt, finishing this book will be a long task, like how I read James Clavell’s magnum opus: Shogun  during high school. I love that book still. It is so rare to find such a readable and robust book and I am glad I have started again.

The Napoleonic Wars remains my favourite period of history, and it is still a delight to read about that era of humanity, and just why Napoleon truly defined the period in which he ruled. The book itself is so engaging, because Napoleon himself is such an incredible character.

If you had to read a book about the man himself, look no further than this.

Most amusing to me, is that, like a lot of great men who rose to incredible power, he’s not even a native of France. He’s a Corsican.

On a more tangible note …. here are all the new words I’ve learnt:

  1. Bicameral
    • Having two chambers. A term predominantly to describe type of governance.
  2. Cicatrix
    • The scar of a healed wound.
  3. Coglione
    • Italian for asshole.
  4. Elan
    • Energy, style and enthusiasm (something I lack for physical exercises)
  5. Impecunious
    • Having little or no money.
  6. Manque
    • Having failed to become what one might have been (Napoleon was a writer manque)
  7. Miasma
    • An unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapour.
  8. Septuagenarian
    • A person between 70 to 79 years old.

That sums up Week 1.

I am feeling intellectually more stimulated and keen to write more, even if I do ape after my hero, and am a writer manque.

I definitely have more room to improve on in regards to the physical aspect.

There is still a very long way to go before I hit the ideal 74kg goal.

On a side note, all this stimulation has also fired me up for my own business Tofu Events. I am also keen to pick up a language. But I should pace myself a bit.

Who knew living healthy had so many benefits?

non ducor, duco. (I am not led, I lead)



Such a pity this isn’t a real image of Napoleon. However, it does display the immense charisma, incredible work ethic and sheer magnetism of the man. I’ve always liked this image though.

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