What If? Damocles was Attractive.

Tom Hardy. My kind of man.

I’ve never really considered myself attractive. Charismatic perhaps, but not handsome.

Arguably, according to anecdotal evidence, my most attractive physical feature are my hands. They are slender, with attractive nails and have the stereotypical look that reflect that of an pianist (which I used to be one) or an artist.

I can’t really display my hands though, as a means to attract women. Doing jazz hands everywhere seem …. bizarre to say the least and crazed to exaggerate.

There are small things I can do, to improve myself naturally.

Sleep earlier to remove my now iconic eye bags, exercise more to accentuate my jawline and cheekbones. Get a tattoo across my upper arm, gain a scar across my cheek.

I could actually style my hair, which I genuinely consider is a deal-breaker.

Having a bad hair day, creates a very average looking Damocles, verging on unattractive.

A proper haircut, combined with a bunch of other factors like where the sun is, the angle of the photo taken, how far you are relative to the Moon and a worthy sacrifice to Venus herself, could transform Damocles from a middling generically Asian individual, into a slightly attractive one.

I would have to say, I rely mostly on humour, charisma and confidence to attract women.

I think I am reasonably amusing, as I seem to elicit a fair amount of smiles with my constant wisecracks. If I had to describe my humour, it’s something similar to classic Spider-Man comics, slightly corny, slightly lame and delivered with aplomb.

Throw in non-PC topics, a flirtatious air, overtly sexual references, and a goodly dose of stiff British sarcasm and that’s my humour.

My confidence borders and often crosses in arrogance. There is a devil-may-cry attitude to my personality, that I think attracts women. I’m always chasing thrills, attempting to become more of a man, and I think that type of masculinity is inherently interesting.

I am more gentle, calm and respectful around women, but I don’t let it overpower my inherent brashness. It’s natural for me to behave that way, without compromising my identity and I think that is attractive as well. Too many men are as equally fake and disingenuous about their actions and behaviour around women and people can sense that.

I’m a flexible person, emotionally speaking. Whether you’re aloof or clingy, I can support both with relative ease.

So, if I consider myself such a Don Juan, what is the purpose of this What If?

Well, you can always be more handsome can’t you? When I look at the current crop of British actors dominating Hollywood, I can’t help but be envious.

Henry Cavill, looks like he was carved out of marble, with his Greco-Roman style and extremely masculine features and body. Even his hair curls like Michelangelo’s David. The fact that he is a sweaty, greasy gamer, doesn’t even remotely detract from his attractiveness which is a call-back to antiquity.

Cillian Murphy looks like the most enigmatic individual. His eyes could stop an arrow in mid-flight, so piercing they are. He’s the pretty boy, the angelic man who could charm you with his soft Irish accent and thoughtful mannerisms. There is a great deal of intelligence behind his eyes and demeanour. A introspective individual whose self-awareness and looks attract a lot of people.

Tom Hardy is my male crush though. He has that ruggedness that I have always longed to possess. His jawline and lips are his most standout feature, and there is a strange sense of tragedy behind his eyes. He is seemingly dangerous, sexy, thoughtful and calculating all at once. He has the look of a man who has been and seen it all, but retains a determined and ferocious appetite for life and friends.

His looks remind me of a German Shepherd. A fierce animal, loyal to friends and lovers, but primal when provoked. Watching Tom Hardy on screen, it is fascinating to see his ability to tap into tragedy or savagery in a blink of an eye.

I also always wished I had his ability to grow the right amount of scruff. The ability to grow facial hair has always eluded me and it genuinely pisses me off sometimes.

I do like his style too. He can transform himself easily with certain clothes. Classy in a tux or precise in tactical gear, he can fit it all. Something I too, take pride in.

So why do I want to be more attractive?

Well it’s a pipe dream isn’t it? To look your best, is to generally feel your best too. I think everyone has an desire to be the kind of person that could stop traffic with a glance. To have people lust after you and envy you, is probably one of the closest things to godhood a human can achieve.

Universal attraction is becoming more of a thing, in my honest opinion. You can have people admiring others from all over the globe. A Middle Eastern beauty is not inherently less attractive than an American. A gorgeous European male is not less admired than an Australian hunk.

What would I do if I was more attractive?

Probably sleep around a lot more. Be in shorter relationships. It’s always been a fear of mine that I would become some sort of bachelor if it weren’t for the amazing women I’ve dated (2). Some terrible sleaze that treats women horribly and engage in sexual dalliances often.

I can’t really imagine a worse fate for me. I also wonder what if I did the opposite? I never used this attractiveness to it’s full potential? I stay single, insecure about women, not sure if they really like me for who I am, or am just thirsty for my looks and to boost their own social standing amongst friends and family.

Could I ever be taken seriously if I was a lot more attractive? That is probably one of the biggest questions applied to beautiful people. Objectification and belittlement of their intelligence. People can’t take them seriously, because their beauty taps too much into their primal sexual desires, and that is an obvious disadvantage.

Would I be more narcissistic? Would I dress better? Become more self-absorbed and infatuated with myself, knowing that there are legion of women who would sleep with me, given an ounce of encouragement?

Would I abuse that power?

Would it help me get better jobs?

That’s an interesting facet, rarely discussed. Attractive people are more likely to be hired, heard and seen.

If I knew my looks translated well on camera, I would probably be less camera-shy and feel more confident projecting myself out there.

Perhaps my introversion would be less pronounced.

Interesting ….

I am not insecure about my looks however. I know my strengths and have long accepted that this is what I look like and there is very little I would change.

More dieting and exercise would probably be advantageous though.

This was a fun What If? to write. To wonder what a peak version of yourself looks like, is always a fun thought experiment.

Perhaps a slightly more sensual, scruffy and racy Damocles would be a bit too much.

Or maybe not.

~ Damocles.

One day, I’ll be projecting the same kind of attractiveness, even candidly.

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