B30 Challenge Week 37 Rundown


We’re Not Here for Fun – Lando Norris 

Never doubt the power of passion … 

It’s been a long time, since I’ve last made a Rundown on my Before 30 Challenge. Essentially 16 weeks, since my last one, which was Week 21.

4 long months.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t slipping in that period, I slipped. I went from 73kgs to the current 76kg.

I gained, instead of going on to be healthier.

Winter and COVID-19 really did a number on me.

So what changed in that time?

Formula 1 came back. I started to get back into the groove of racing again. I wanted to spend more time on my simulator rig (it’s just a Logitech G29 Wheel, nothing to bosat about) and be more consistent with my lap times, and really narrow down my splits to within a second of each other.

I started to look forwards to Sundays and seeing those cars push the limits and live vicariously through their overtakes and the drama.

The Austrian and Styrian GPs were just the tonic for me to get back into a fitness groove again. The excitement I felt in those two races enabled me to get back into racing and look more seriously at myself.

It probably helped that I also started watching more SuperGT content on Youtube and seeing the amount of fun he had, on one of my favourite racing games, Gran Turismo Sport, really got me thinking about my health again and my passion for racing.

I was just 4 kilograms away from my goal of 69 kilograms, in Week 21, but I’ve bottled it in the final lap, and am now 7 kilos away.

I’m just grateful I didn’t slip too far.

It’s back to clean eating, loads of cardiovascular exercise and pushing my limits again. I went for a run yesterday and was shocked at how much I’ve lost speed and energy. All my gains, from 21 weeks of exercise, lost in winter hibernation and laziness.

It’s going to be a long, tough climb back to where I was again.

But I’m armed now, with more varied exercises.

Beyond skipping, running, push-ups and sit-ups, I’ve decided to throw in cycling (important, because I’m considering getting myself a motorcycle in a couple of years) and steering with a weight, to cool-down with, so that I can improve the muscles in my arm, when guiding a vehicle through turns.

Reflex tests are also going to be done. I’m just going to toss the ball against a wall, and catch it, and get myself moving again. I miss squash, the other sport I really enjoyed, but I don’t have an enclosed court to really practice in. It was my favourite for a long time, because of the reflexes, agility and speed in which it was played.

However …

This time, I’m not going to let cold-weather get in the way.

If it’s dark, I’m going to get out there.

If it’s cold, I’m going to get my reps in.

If it’s just a drizzle, I’m going to power through.

But if it’s a hailstorm, I’ll take it easy. I got a job and I can’t be taking days off, because I’m sick.

That’s counter-productive, because I might miss a few days, instead of taking a single day off.

Right now, I’ve also got to focus on my diet.

My eating habits are getting out of hand again. Too many sweets, too much snacking. I got to curb it back to normal levels.

Limit myself to small snacks a day, drink more water and watch the carb intake.

I know I can dedicate myself to a daily routine, because I’ve done it once before. I’ve rekindle the fire inside, to be “racer-ready” and really strip the fat from my body.

It’s time I’ve prioritised my need for speed, and take a good hard look at myself and really push hard for that magic number.

I am going to keep myself honest again, and keep making these Rundowns every week and monitor the situation.

Hopefully if I keep pushing myself, an hour to hour/half a day, my recovery will be a lot quicker.

It’s time to get off my arse, and start chasing something again.

I can’t hide behind depressing work conditions, COVID-19 lockdowns and other lame excuses.

None of those seriously impact on how I treat my own health.

So therefore, none of them are serious excuses for why I’ve slipped.

It’s not the mistake that really matter, but what you do to rectify it, that counts in the end.

I’m going to make up for my own personal mistake now.

Keep me honest, readers. Don’t let me slip again.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~ Damocles.



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