The Miami Tango. (Fiction)

Top Gun’s silhouette sex scene is still burned into my brain, as a young 7 year old.

It was a hot night, and I was thirsty.

Beckoning the bartender, I leaned in flirtatiously and ordered two mojitos with lime.

She smiled at my generosity, and I watched her dance with the cocktail shaker, her hips and arms shaking temptingly, her sky blue nails flashing under the neon lights of the club.

What’s your name, baby? I half yell over the remixed sounds of 90s pop.

Rita she says, as she leans in and toasts me with her mojito glass.

Rita … I’m Danny. Where’re you from? I ask, whilst sipping from my drink.


I grin at her. Qué poco azul llevas… para el cielo que eres .

Rita laughs, tossing her hair back and flashes me her long fingers.

I got a little bit of blue on. Enough for you baby. So what brings you here? asks Rita, as she tilts her glass at me, raising an eyebrow.

Miami? I query with a smile. Well Rita … I came here to relax, watch the Dolphins and meet gorgeous girls. We just won so … here I am, spending money I shouldn’t and doing my best to flirt with you.

So, Rita, baby .. how am I doing?

Rita smiles back at me and cocks her head sideways. It’s hard to break eye contact with Rita, because her eyes are the exact reason why I, and three unsuccessful drunker guys went up to chat to her. They’re an incredible light brown that almost look golden under the flashing lights of the club.

Well Danny, you bought me a drink first. So that’s a tick. I will also say, you’ve been nothing but honest to me so far too, so that’s another tick.

Although …

Your Spanish is absolutely shocking.

I grin mischievously at her. I haven’t had many teachers. Would love to learn more though, from a native speaker.

Rita tilts her head again at me. Danny, baby … I could give you 200 lessons and it won’t get rid of that horrible accent you’ve developed.

I only need 1 lesson to get better. I raise my glass and we both toast each other. To Spanish lessons. Salud!

OK Danny. What’s the real reason you came over here. You must have saw the guy I blew off before. Besides, I’m meant to be working.

To answer your second question first, I’ll ask … what time do you finish?

Too early to sleep with you, too late to wake up next to you either.

I laugh. Rita had a way with words. I liked that. I fatalistically shrug.

I was hoping we’d do more than just sleep, but that’s OK.

To answer the first part … I’m pretty sure I’m the same as every guy here … I came over to see your eyes up close.

And how are they? asks Rita, as she turns up the luminosity of her golden eyes to another level. I’m entranced.

Even better than I imagined I answer truthfully.

Rita casts her incredible eyes downward in a blush. She toys with her drink before looking up again with a wry look on her gorgeous face.

So what now Danny?

I’ll ask for your number and we’ll hit it up sometime? I’m old school. Wine and dine. Movies. Baseball. Hell, even a Dolphin game if you’re down/.

How long are you here for? asks Rita cautiously.

For you Rita? I’m here until the sun is up and the party is over. Then I’m back to being Daniel, the travelling salesman with a boring 4 hour plane ride to nowhere.

Rita laughs. Not that long huh?

The grind never stops. I retort with an easy-going sarcasm. But I did stop it for you.

Rita bites her lips. How much money you’re gonna spend tonight?

I shrug and pull out a roll of cash. It’s an easy two thousands in 50 bills. Until this band can’t stay tight any more. Here.

I slide her a 50 dollar tip and Rita nods at me. She leans over to her boss who nods approvingly.

Ripping off her apron, Rita exposes her white shirt, which is cinched tight around her midriff, exposing the taunt, fit stomach. I shake my head in admiration and hold out my hand to her as she steps out of the bar.

Let’s go. she whispers in my ear as the DJ slows down the beat and I savour the huskiness of her voice.


Yo taxi! Over here!

Rita and I climb in a bright yellow taxi, greeted by a laid-back cab driver who smiles at how much we’re unable to keep our hands off each other.

You want dinner, baby? I ask Rita.

I’m good thanks.

Hokay then, driver … take us to the Savoy Hotel.

You got it, pal said the cab driver sardonically as he pulls out onto the street.

Rita nestles in close to me and I can smell the perfume on her neck. It’s a familiar scent, because I used to pitch for Le Labo.

Noir 29.

Rita looks at me, puzzled for a second, before she catches on.

Oh my god. How did you know?

I’m in sales baby. I used to pitch for Le Labo back in the day, before they got big.

You were serious then? When you said you were a salesman?

I try not to lie to women I’ve just met. I laugh. I wasn’t joking when I said I was here on vacation.

How long you here for? asks Rita

Long enough for a good time, but nothing permanent. I wasn’t joking when I said that I got a flight in the morning tomorrow.

I feel Rita’s hands loosen slightly around my arm. She turns her golden eyes outside at the lights of Miami flickering past the cab.

I look across at her and sense a strange sadness.

Hey I say, as I reach across and cup her chin gently for the first time.

Rita looks over at me. I can tell she’s having second thoughts. Her eyes aren’t meeting mine.

If you don’t want to do this, it’s okay. I’ll pay for the cab ride home. No hard feelings, I promise.

Rita looks up and suddenly smile.

Thanks Danny. I don’t really know what came over me. But thank you for being a gentleman. Give me a bit of space until we get to your place OK?

Sure. I reply as Rita undoes her belt. She shuffles across to the other side of the cab, and stares out the window, crossing her arms. I do the same, feeling the sting of rejection, but not feeling bitter about it. It’s just one of those nights. You can’t have it all.

Moments later, the taxi pulls up to the Savoy, my temporary home away from home. Rita looks over at me and shakes her head.

I smile reassuringly. It’s okay Rita. It was lovely to meet you tonight. Thanks for having a drink with me.

Walking up, I rap on the cab driver’s window and he rolls it down, with a sympathetic look on his face.

Bro, you mind taking her home? Here’s my card, just send the bill to this hotel. Room 404.

No worries pal. I gotcha. Sorry you struck out man.

All good bro. Have a good night. Here’s a tip.

Bro … 30 bucks? That’s the price of the ride man … I can’t take this.

Yeah you can. Get yourself a square meal on me. Thanks again.

The cab driver raises his fist out to bump and I duly do so with a warm smile, before walking into the hotel.


It didn’t take me all that long to get over Rita. Whilst I was a little bit cut that I couldn’t spend the night with a beautiful, golden eyed Cuban Latina flame, I was still living life pretty comfortably.

Face it pal, the only sensory pleasure you’re going to get today, is seeing the Dolphins trash the 49ers. That’s enough.

Changing into my nightrobe, the silk feeling luxurious on my bare skin, I pick up the phone and decide to have a final drink to celebrate, before retiring to bed.

Hey, is this room service? Awesome. Can you send up a bottle of Dom Perignon, two glasses and your … errr …. dessert platter? Yeah, those fruits are all okay, just add some dark chocolate in as well. Thanks pal, have a good night … What’s that? 10 minutes? Awesome. Thanks again.

I lie down on the bed, my arms around my head, closing my eyes to reflect on my day.

I must have dozed off, because I’m shocked out of my nap by persistent knocks on my door.

Shaking my head, I tighten the nightrobe around me and blearily open the door.

Hey, sorry I was taking a …

Rita is standing there, a blazer over her bartender uniform, but with a pair of red heels on, holding my champagne and dessert platter. Her white shirt is undone just enough, for me to see the bright neon yellow lingerie that taunts me against her tanned skin.

I’m frozen in surprise. So Rita makes the decision for me, and brushes past me, where she sets down the bucket of sparkling wine and the food on the bedside table, before pulling me in close.

I can taste the lingering aftertaste of the mojito we shared on her lips and I encircle her hips with my arms, bringing her in even closer.

There is a strange desperation to our kiss, as if we have a time limit, which was true technically. Rita is hungry, and insistent, tossing her light brown hair to and fro, as she frantically starts to pull at my nightrobe.

When we finally come up for air, Rita has me pinned against the wall, and her gorgeous chest is heaving for breath.

I don’t want to say it, but I have to.

Rita, are you sure about this?

Yes breathed Rita, before going in again. I hold her still by the shoulders for a second. I’m beginning to lose control, but I have to be absolutely certain.


Rita looks at me seriously, transfixing me with her golden eyes.

Because I want you to come back to Miami one day.

I look at her seriously. She holds my gaze equally.

Deal I hear myself breathe out.

Before Rita can crush me, I spin her around and pin her against the wall. She furiously loosens the knot that ties my night-robe together and soon, I’m standing naked before her. Pushing me back, Rita almost drinks me with her golden eyes, and I almost feel self-conscious, her gaze is that intense.

I pride myself on my lean figure, not too much muscle, but just enough for everything to be taunt, wiry and firm. A lot of core exercises, light arm work and far too much cardio.

Something inside Rita clicks, because she pushes me down on the bed and takes a step back.

I stare, astonished, as she slowly slips off her blazer, swaying her hips to an invisible rhythm. Rita’s long blue nails clasp over her white shirt, as I feel my breathe quicken with her every movement. The slow unbuttoning is agonisingly slow, but every inch of her tan skin that gets revealed only hype me more.

Soon, Rita is standing there, shirt around her wrists, her upper chest bared forward, her dark brown hair tossed behind her and her chin defiantly tilted, as if daring me to question whether she was not the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

In that moment, I was stunned and in agreement.

Then the shirt came off in a whirlwind of movement and her long legs wriggled back and forth, as she slid her dark pants down.

Rita paused for a second, allowing me to sear the image of her lithe body in neon lingerie and red heels into my memory. I can still see her head tilted back, her golden eyes staring into mine, her brown hair tumbling over her shoulder and her arms up over her head like a nude muse out of a painting.

I can’t take the tease anymore, so I launch myself off the bed and wrap my arms around her, savouring her soft skin, loving the way how her stomach presses against mine, luxuriating in the rise and fall of her breasts against my heartbeat.

My hands are around her back, undoing her lingerie’s clasp that will free her breasts. The moment the intricate bra is off her shoulders, I break away from her soft lips and slowly run my tongue down her body.

A soft giggle comes from Rita, as I bury my mouth into her clavicle, still giving her a warm full body massage with my hands.

Her breasts under my lips are soft, full and beautifully bouncy. She moans under my ministrations and slips out of her heels, pushing me away when it becomes too much and jumping up into my arms.

As I hold her, my hands splayed wide grabbing her bare ass, Rita wraps her legs around my hips and begin to grind, as she comes in and out of kisses and breath.

I groan, as she hits a particularly tender sweet spot and I bounce her up, to reposition her better.

Rita is now biting my neck, her soft moans becoming louder in intensity as she can feel me rubbing along her most sensitive parts.

I pin her against the wall, cradling her head and as she reflexively put a foot down, whilst keeping the other up, I angle myself and go all the way.

Rita and I groan in ecstasy. She feels incredibly soft and warm, as we stay there for a moment, our eyes closed in relief and pleasure.

She starts to move ever so slightly, and I snap my eyes open, to look at her, her back pressed firmly against the wall, riding me energetically, whilst transfixing me with those golden eyes.

Her moans are now starting to sound like soft pants and half-screams, and I begin to match her, grunting with every thrust, every movement, every sound and every wave of pleasure that washes over me.

I keep rocking back and forth, unable to stop this ride, as Rita matches me in intensity and focus, her brown hair whipping my chest back and forth, as she tosses her head back and forth in gratification.

Danny! More! More! she breathes out. Don’t stop. Oh please, don’t stop.

I’m in my own world now, all my attention is focused on making her feel good. Nothing exists except my body giving her all the feel-good vibes it can.

That’s it, baby. I encourage her as I can sense her starting to peak. I’m only here for you.

Yes! Yes! You’re all mine baby. she screams as she increases her grip around me.

We both unleash a primal scream, as she climaxes along with the rest of me.

It’s so powerful, that we’re frozen like that, for a full minute, before we both collapse on the floor, exhausted, sweat beading everywhere on our skin, my manhood still trapped inside of her.

She wraps her arms my neck and I breathe in her perfume deeply, and the scent of her hair.

Don’t let me go Danny. Not yet. she whispers in my ear. It’s a promise disguised behind a plea.

I’m right here Rita. I whisper back. I’m not going anywhere … I promise.

Author’s Note.

Originally writing this, I had huge writer’s block.

This is one of those drafts that has stayed a draft for a very long time.

My inner conservative side literally wasn’t sure how to proceed, until I finally found a scene that reminded me why I wanted to write this.

Top Gun’s sexy silhouette sequence (my first ever sex scene I saw on screen) and Miami Vice (2006)’s flirtatious scene between Sunny and …. Rita, a bartender in a club at the very beginning of the film.

Yes, I stole the name and the idea of buying a bartender a drink as well from that movie.

After that, it was literally a matter of getting over the idea that my friends who will read this, will judge me for writing such poor erotica (or maybe it was good, I don’t know) and bada-bing, bada-boom, the story turned out great and I could write a proper sex scene without fear.

One more final aside … I hate the word “penis” and “vagina”. There is just something unpleasant about how they sound, so you’ll note I didn’t use either terms in the scene.

Keeps it more … sexy I think? I’m still a novice at this stuff.

But if I’m to write a book one day, I got to keep practising.

Thanks for reading smut as always, until the next one.

~ Damocles.

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